Three things you can do for nature and climate that cost nothing

Are you ready to make a positive impact on our environment without dipping into your wallet? Well, you’re in luck! There are actions you can take that not only benefit the planet but also keep your quid in your pocket.

In this blog post, we’re highlighting three things you can do for nature and climate that will cost nothing! These actions help the planet by lowering your carbon emissions and giving space back to nature, while resulting in major savings too!

Read on to find out how you can make a difference at no extra cost 🌍🌱💰

The first free action that will save money:

Fight the Energy Vampires: Switch Off Appliances on Standby

Many appliances can enter standby mode when not in use. This is often considered an energy saving mode that will allow the appliance to turn on quickly when needed next. However, appliances still use electricity while in standby mode and this low energy usage across all of our appliances can add up!

Furthermore, vampire energy (sometimes called phantom power) is the term for the electricity that flows into our devices when they’re not actually being used. For example, if a phone charger is plugged in and not connected to a phone, it is still using electricity!

To ensure all our devices are truly switched off—neither on standby nor using vampire power—turning them off at the plug or unplugging them is the best bet.

Making this a habit is a clever way to use energy better at home resulting in savings!

See the card below for the savings per year.

The second free action that will help lower your carbon emissions:

Step into Savings: Walk or Cycle More

Who needs a gym membership when you’ve got the great outdoors right? Walking or cycling isn’t just good for your health; it’s also a fantastic way to reduce your carbon emissions.

A UK citizen, on average, travels nearly 1,500 miles by car on journeys less than 5 miles. If we shift these journeys to walking or cycling, we can improve our health, tackle climate change and reduce our costs. To begin walking and cycling journeys, simply get the right equipment (boots, bike, waterproof coat, headphones), then create a new habit.

See the card below for the savings per year.

The third free action that will benefit both nature and climate

Save the planet and your money with Meat-Free Meals

What if I told you that the key to saving the planet could be as simple as what’s on your plate?

Eating animal products is incredibly inefficient, requiring 8 times the land to produce the same number of calories as plant based food. Livestock farming also contributes 18% of human-produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. What we eat affects biodiversity, climate change and water. Take this action by slowly reducing the number of meals with animal based foods. Think about alternatives such as oat milk, beans or lentils, nut roasts and different vegetables like butternut squash instead of meat.

Learn how to cook amazing meals by buying a vegan or vegetarian cookbook. Commit to a day a week without animal products and expand it over the next few years.

See the card below for the carbon saved per year and the amount of space you can give back to nature!

There you have it, folks! Three ways to help nature and climate for nothing! From taming energy vampires to embracing plant-powered plates, every small action adds up to make a big impact. So let’s flip the switches, lace up our boots, and dig into a greener, brighter future where all life thrives!

Be sure to check out the NetPositiveLifeApp – A tool that empowers individuals to embrace informed decision-making on their journey to becoming net positive for nature and climate. It gives the real impact of our choices, from carbon and nature impact to costs and savings.

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