About Us

We help people and organisations have a net positive impact on nature and climate, by providing online tools and in person expertise. Our team provides strategic and practical support for planning, procuring and communicating the implementation of solutions to net zero and beyond. We are purposeful and multidisciplinary, allowing us to provide simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. We pride ourselves on our honesty and impact.

Better Century is a Community Interest Company locking dividend distribution and assets, with profits going to purpose | Our mission: To improve use and sharing of resources in order to make an environment where all life thrives.

About Us

We’re making a Better Century, where improved use and sharing of resources creates an environment where all life thrives. To do that we provide tools and services to people and organisations so they can be net positive, by aligning their impact with global goals for nature and climate.

By establishing ourselves as Community Interest Company we live our principles.  We are obliged to benefit the community, in priority over the interests of our shareholders, and a purpose beyond profit is embedded in our constitution.  Any dividends we declare must not exceed 35% of our distributable profits, the rest, by law, must go to charity or community initiatives.

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