Better Century Principles

Our team, operational function and tools we provide follow the same set of principles:

We have faith in the shared nature of humanity
There is a sameness in our desire to tackle the climate and ecological crisis, and the most valuable asset in achieving that is us, the people.

Without our community, we are nothing
Participatory governance and decision-making at the lowest practical level are practiced.

It is only through open dialogue that we arrive at the truth
Information flow is encouraged and not controlled by any one individual or group. 

We work collaboratively to lower barriers to entry
We are inclusive so everyone can get access to the right information.

It is each person’s right to be who they are
To make up their minds about things and take responsibility for their behaviour.

Operate consent-based decision-making
As opposed to voting (the tyranny of the majority) or consensus (the tyranny of the minority).

We balance needs
Short-term and long-term: the contributions and needs of all our community (the individual and the collective), central and local. 

Regenerative culture
We work to ensure the health and diversity of individuals, communities, institutions, customs, and other life forms.

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