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Our community is here to help everyone live more sustainably.  Take an environmental footprint eco check, make a pledge or get the facts through our co-created guides, and help make a better future.

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We have created this so everyone can calculate their environmental footprint with ease. Simply spend five to ten minutes to fill in this questionnaire.

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Take pledges, and get badges and awards for being the change you want to see in the world. Waste, transport and homes, everyone can do something.

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Cut through the misinformation, and get to grips with energy efficiency, electric vehicles, sustainable investments, renewable energy, and much more.

Our community removes the barriers to living more sustainably. We connect those that have the answers with those that are looking for them.

By bringing people together to share experiences, recommendations and information we save people hours of research, and remove the feeling of isolation. Here you can find all the ways to improve your footprint.




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