The Seven Ways to Cut Carbon

If you’ve landed here we bet you’re trying to come up with the most effective ways to lower your carbon footprint.

If so, that’s awesome and we’re proud of you!

In a world where the urgency of climate action is undeniable, each of us holds the power to create change and figuring out what you can do as an individual is a great first step.

Collectively, we need to halve carbon emissions by 2030. To do that we need to get down to 2.5 tonnes of carbon produced per person, per year.

…in the UK, we produce 8.5 tonnes per person on average 👀. So you are on the right track!

Read on to learn seven ways to cut carbon out of your life.

1 Holiday sustainably and stop flying
2.2tCO2 comes from travel to and from holidays. Stop flying, pick sustainable locations, hire an electric car to get around

    2 Cut the car out of commutes
    1.4tCO2 comes from daily commutes. Cycle, walk & use public transport.

    3 Eat less or no meat products
    1.3tCO2 comes from meat consumption. Cut it down, or cut it out!

    4 Make your house more energy efficient
    1.4tCO2 comes from heating your home. Make it more energy-efficient and plan to move to heat pump tech on moving over your boiler.

    5 Switch to 100% renewable energy
    0.9tCO2 comes from electric we consume. Move to renewable energy.

    6 Get your food locally
    0.6tCO2 comes from food transportation. Eat seasonal and local!

    7 Buy less and use less
    0.6tCO2 comes from technology and other stuff we buy. Use less and be proud!

    Bonus! Take it one step further!

    If you were to do these actions you could become a Net Positive Human for Nature and Climate – What’s that you ask? well, it’s when an individual aligns their life with global goals for nature and climate. To learn more check out this guide to living net positive.

    To be a net positive human it’s important to come up with a plan and we’ve found the best way to do that is by using the NetPositiveLifeApp. It’s an excellent tool to grasp the real possibilities of what individuals can do for nature and climate as it shows you over 70 actions to cut your carbon and even give space back to nature. It’s worth checking out.

    and there you have it, 7 ways to cut carbon and an extra tip to learn even more on the NetPositiveLifeApp.

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