Move Into an Energy Efficient Home

Most modern homes are energy efficient as the government has increased build standards over the years. Additionally, some landlords or homeowners may have enhanced the energy efficiency of their properties by installing insulation, ensuring airtightness, and incorporating solar thermal or photovoltaic panels. All these features contribute to the overall energy efficiency of a property.

Moving into an energy-efficient home is an easy way to reduce our emissions. We can achieve this by reviewing the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of a property before buying or renting. Although these properties might be slightly more expensive upfront, the savings in carbon emissions are reflected in our bills, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

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Carbon Savings (kgCO2e per annum)
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Move into an A rated EPC Property
884 (Individual emissions saving not household)
Move into a B rated EPC Property
600 (Individual emissions saving not household)
Move into a C rated EPC Property
54 (Individual emissions saving not household)

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