Better Guide to a Sustainable Christmas

“The most wonderful time of the year” for many, is unfortunately also the most damaging time of the year for our planet.

What if we told you there was a way to keep the joy of Christmas for you and your loved ones while creating an environment for all life to thrive, that supports plenty of positive Christmases going forward?

The Better Century community have been working on some ideas to double the joy of Christmas 1, making it better for the world.

This guide has some top tips to tone down the Christmas impact. You can reduce waste around Christmas. Eco-friendly present suggestions are here to help you. The way you decorate your house, tree and table doesn’t have to cost the earth.

See all the tips for having a sustainable Christmas here.

Is money for or against climate change?

Will climate breakdown affect where money is invested, and how can markets create carbon neutral economy? #BetterMoney

There are theories developing that the risk associated with climate breakdown will affect the markets, and change the flow of money. There are also incredible solutions available to investors to help create a carbon-neutral economy.

We are discussing this subject as part of our series of digital events so individuals and organisations can best understand what role their money can play in creating a carbon-neutral economy. Should we wait for markets to catch up or will our choices make a significant difference?

The questions we’ll look to answer in this webinar are:

  • How will the markets change as a result of these forces?
  • Can we rely on markets to respond to tackle the climate and ecological crisis?
  • What can we do to push financial markets to support a carbon-neutral economy now?

Click here to find out more and book your place.

Better Councils

Many authorities are responding to public pressure and declaring a climate emergency. But how to effectively lobby your authority? And if they do declare an emergency, what’s next?

It’s complex for a government body to get this right. Many are short-staffed and underfunded. There is often uncertainty and division about how to turn the emergency declaration into policies that actually make a difference. Often it becomes political hot potato!  

Some authorities treat this as nothing but a PR exercise, whilst some actually implement groundbreaking policies. In our forum, we’re discussing how to best navigate these issues.  Whether you are an elected representative, a resident’s group, or a policymaker, there is someone in our community who can share their experience and help you out. 

After all, with 10 years to halve carbon emissions, none of us can mess around. We need to find solutions quickly. Come and chip in your experience and opinion.

Join the Discussion in the Forum

Better Guides

What if you had access to information that helps you live a sustainable life without having to invest hundreds of hours in research? 

What if you had a community of people who share their knowledge and experiences with you? 

At Better Century, we connect you with practical guides that will help you live a healthy and environmentally friendly life. We introduce you to like-minded individuals who have the same life goals and dreams like yours. Together, we will improve tomorrow. 

Personal carbon emissions are confusing. You are given conflicting advice, and often, you don’t know what will make the most significant difference. Our Better Guide to Reducing Personal Carbon Footprint is here to help you effectively reduce your carbon emissions.

Better Century Guides: 

Better Guide to Buying an Electric Vehicle

Better Guide to Energy Efficient Homes

Better Guide to UK Renewable Energy Supply 

Guide to Domestic Scale Renewable Energy

Create your own guide in the community: Start a Guide

Better Challenges

Our community finds ways for people to feel less isolated on their journey towards living sustainably. We provide a series of challenges that create a collective sense of purpose to a tangible outcome.

Our community members have launched a number of Better Century challenges. They are based on research to show that if done on scale, a sea change could be achieved.

Plastic waste is rightly high up the environmental agenda for many. For years we have been misled that recycling is the answer, and now we know the truth. We have to reduce our consumption.

Our Plastic Waste Challenge is here to help you get started and make a positive change.

In ten years, we also need to halve global carbon emissions. Many don’t know what that means. In the UK it means 2.5 tonnes of carbon per person. 

Join our Low Carbon Transport Challenge. Plan your reduction and get support from like-minded people.

Start your own challenge today: All Better Century Challenges.

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