Transitioning to low carbon transport

Every business needs transport to create and deliver goods or services. For direct emissions, there is an option to electrify the fleet; however, beyond that, behaviour and supply chains need to adapt, and that has numerous challenges.

We help businesses procure solutions to improving their fleets and assist in implementing technology and policy to reduce indirect emissions. Our approach is to provide our insight into the cost of these changes and the savings achieved from implementing them, supporting a business case. Once you allocate budget we will procure the solutions on your business’s behalf.

We have supported the procurement and delivery of the following measures for our clients:

  • Electric vehicles: We advise on the approach to electrifying fleets, tap into government support and procure vehicles or commission retrofit of existing vehicles.
  • Policy implementation: We consult with stakeholders about the barriers to reducing carbon from the delivery of their services (or transport to work). We adjust policy and a transport plan to facilitate a smooth transition to using low carbon transport mechanisms.

Our Approach

  1. Free consultation and site visit to understand your challenge.
  2. Proposal for support which includes indicative costs for transitioning fleets or implementing transport policy.
  3. Specification of works agree with you our client.
  4. Tender and pick suppliers with summary of recommendations for clients to choose services.
  5. Delivery of works to ensure an excellent product is installed and internal disruption in minimised.
  6. Review effectiveness of installation and provide ongoing support.

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