The first 100NetPositiveLifers Offer

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Are you worried about climate change and nature loss? Do you want to be part of creating a planet rich in nature with a stable climate? Do you want to prove you are part of the solution?

The web based NetPositiveLifeApp provides you with everything you need to create a plan to decrease your impact on nature and climate. It’s got curated information and supportive videos, for over 50 actions you can take.  It even costs your decisions, allowing you to see the carbon, nature and financial impact of your actions.

Be sure to use the promotional code: 100netpositivelifers where is says “Click here to enter your code”

For a Limited time, we are offering 100 people the chance to win lifetime access to the NetPositiveLifeApp worth over £400.

Between now and June hundreds of people will make their plans, with the first 100 to reach net positive being granted free access for life!

To participate in this challenge you simply need to log the actions you’ve already taken, and then make a plan to be net positive.  No credit card details, no nonsense, this is a free offer.  This tool will show you how through using new technology and adopting simple lifestyle changes you can help stabilize the climate and restore nature.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Sign up for the app using our free access code: 100netpositivelifers (be sure to enter the code at the top of the sign up page)
  2. Log the actions you’ve already taken, and those you plan to take, into the app.
  3. Be one of the first 100 to complete your plan and hit the Net Positive mark.
  4. Share your plan with us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn so we can see if you’re in the first 100.
  5. Follow through with your Net Positive Life Plan for Nature and Climate!

You can prove to yourself and others that you are net positive for nature and climate.

In becoming one of the first people to have a net positive life plan you will be profiled on the Better Century website (to give you much deserved recognition for your efforts) and you will be invited to provide your input into how we develop the application to help others. This will help us show the numerous routes people can take to achieve net positive!

So if you want to show you did everything you could do to tackle the climate and nature crisis, and want to create a ripple of change across the world, please sign up and make your net positive life plan today using this code: 100netpositivelifers

Be sure to use the promotional code 100netpositivelifers where is says “Click here to enter your code” to get free access when signing up!

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