Walk and cycle short journeys

A UK citizen on average travels nearly 1,500 miles by car on journeys less than 5 miles. If we shift these journeys to walking or cycling, we can improve our health, tackle climate change and reduce our costs. To begin walking and cycling journeys, simply get the right equipment (boots, bike, waterproof coat, headphones), then create a new habit. Make your commitment below to how many journeys you will walk or cycle to help be net positive.

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Carbon Savings (kgCO2e per annum)
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Walk and cycle half of journeys under five miles: 50% of the time
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Walk and cycle three quarters of journeys under five miles: 75% of the time
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Walk and cycle all journeys under five miles: 100% of the time
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Estimated impact of actions

Cost of actions taken
Carbon saved per year (kgCO2e)
Cost savings from actions per year
Space given back to nature (m2)
Financial benefit to the future world economy
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