Reduce consumption of animal-based products

Eating animal products is incredibly inefficient, requiring 8x the land to produce the same number of calories as plant based food. Livestock farming also contributes 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. What we eat affects biodiversity, climate change and water. Take this action by slowly reducing the number of meals with animal based foods. Think about alternatives; oak milk, beans or lentils instead of meat, nut roasts and different vegetables by butternut squash, learn how to cook amazing meals by buying a vegan or vegetarian cookbook. Commit to a day a week without animal products, and expand it out over the next few years.

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Make one in five meals (or one day a week) meat & dairy free
Make two in five meals (or two days a week) meat & dairy free
Make three in five meals (or three days a week) meat & dairy free
Make four in five meals (or four days a week) meat & dairy free
Eat 100% vegan food
Eat 100% vegetarian food (with dairy)

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