Encourage Net Zero Education, Policy, Leisure Facility and Local Government Services

Local authorities manage various aspects of our daily lives, including education, policies, leisure facilities, libraries, road surfacing, community centres, parks/play areas, and more. Most have made commitments to reduce their environmental impacts but some are being very slow. As we contribute to these services through taxes and indeed use them, we inherit an impact. To be net positive, it is important to know what our local authority is doing to make things better for the environment, and where necessary we need to write to a councillor to ask them to do more.

To undertake this action, simply do an internet search and record below what your local authority has made a commitment to.

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Carbon Savings (kgCO2e per annum)
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Your Council Committed to Halve Carbon Emissions by 2030 (and improve land for nature)
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Your Council Committed to Net Zero by 2030 (and improve land for nature)
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Estimated impact of actions

Cost of actions taken
Carbon saved per year (kgCO2e)
Cost savings from actions per year
Space given back to nature (m2)
Financial benefit to the future world economy
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