Divest Pension from Oil and Gas

Over 50% of all money in the world is held in pensions. The institution we choose to place our pension with significantly affects our journey to being net positive. Most of us are tied into our workplace pension scheme, which is either placed in a private pension or a company pension.

With private pensions, we can move the pension to an ethical alternative either using a financial advisor or by finding a scheme to administer ourselves—this can be done in a year. With a company pension, we can influence where the investments are made by creating a lobby in our workplaces to ask for the pension to divest investments in oil and gas (similar to tobacco or slavery) and invest in ESG or impact funds. The outcome of such a lobby can be achieved in three to five years. Either way, there is a route to moving our pension investments—so why not pledge today?

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Divest pension from Oil and Gas
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Ensure your pension is investing in ESG or Impact Funds
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