Cut down or stop flying

We are ultimately in control of our choice to fly for personal reasons and we can encourage different modes of transport for work (although this action is for personal emissions). Around 200kg of carbon per passenger is released every hour into the air and on average, 1,600 kg of carbon is released by a UK citizen from flying - this is around one tenth of our emissions. So why wouldn't we consider alternatives? Train travel is often only slightly slower than air travel when considering times for getting through security, whilst it is 9 times more efficient in terms of carbon, and many believe it is a much more pleasant journey.

We can even mix journeys overseas using train and ferry, which also has a much smaller carbon footprint. An easy way of cutting carbon is by committing to cut flying all together or simply reducing its use. We can do this by planning journeys further in advance by train as well as by choosing to holiday locally.

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Avoid flying domestically (<200miles)
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Avoid flying intereurope or interstate (<500 miles)
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Avoid flying internationally
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Fly internationally once every three years
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Fly internationally once every five years
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