NGOs and Charities

Strategic and Development Consultancy for the Third Sector

NGOs and charities are enablers for net positive. This could be through direct conservation work, campaigning for government commitments or policies, or engaging non-governmental actors in change.

We work with NGOs and Charities to help with strategic development work, which includes raising money, communicating with audiences, and delivering advocacy work or events. We have a number of clients who will help in these areas, from national organisations delivering work on behavioural change or conservation through the international NGOs securing national commitments to nature and climate.

Engagement with the third sector is an important as it helps complete our work in influencing systemic change from individuals, to businesses, to charities and NGOs, and through them, government. Better Century gains strength from being connected with all of these actors as we develop a better understanding of audiences and can help create partnerships.

Where we can help

  1. Strategic consultancy. If you are considering the direction, governance and/or messages to use around strategic campaigns for fundraising or advocacy, our expertise will get you on the right track. Our consultants will listen to your ambitions and give you the advice and support necessary to deliver change within your organisation.
  2. Development consultancy. We help create planet saving development strategies that allow charities to deliver upon their goals. Whether you need work on your campaign’s fundraising ask, help developing your case for fundraising support, or want support in delivering individual campaigns or funding bids to foundations or grants, we can help.
  3. Advocacy or fundraising events. We help charities develop events for fundraising or advocacy to deliver upon their goals. The events we manage help engage your audience about your organisation’s goals often using the voice of partners or those engaged in your message. We cleverly construct a conversation that often derives outcomes of money, intelligence and influence.
  4. Interim support. There are times when a charity simply needs experienced consultants to take the role of delivering a campaign, or standing in for a staff member for a period of time. Our consultants provide not only interim support but also strategic insight, helping a charity fill the role and get a view of how to manage things better going forward.

Why work with Better Century?

  • Optimistic belief in humanities capacity to solve the nature and climate crisis. Often charities are caught in negative beliefs about what’s possible. We know in order to enable change, living the change is vital, and that means putting out plausible positive messages about the power of collective action. We help charities reposition themselves through strategy, campaigns, and asks using this as a guiding light.
  • Sensory approach. We strongly believe in listening before taking action. When engaging in strategic consultancy or constructing a campaign, we will survey and interview stakeholders to really understand motivations for engagement. We always find ways to listen throughout our work and believe that through open discussions, you will arrive at the truth.
  • Systematically ambitious. We improve ambition through delivering successful campaigns. This is achieved through positive messages that compliment our optimistic beliefs, combined with our systems that allow for self-reflection and constant improvement. By continuing this cycle organisations get more and more ambitious through continued success.

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