Net Positive Plan

Net Positive Plan

Once you have established your baseline assessment, we can start talking about how to set your organisation’s trajectory for net positive. With our excellent knowledge of the solutions and a network of solution providers, we can help you to fully cost your trajectory, providing the costs of choices and money saved. The steps of creating your journey will be as follows:

  1. Recommendations from the baseline assessment will be created for your organisation to consider. This will effectively be a straw man for discussion with members of the team.
  2. Stakeholder engagement whereby we discuss the challenge of becoming net positive with various parts of the business, unearthing solutions from team members, which will be included in the plan.
  3. Draft net positive plan, which will include costs and cost savings from the solutions implemented. This will be presented to the team for input.
  4. Consultation on net positive plan will be conducted with all stakeholders, including the supply chain and staff, allowing them to contribute the content and provide any final input.
  5. Publishing net positive plan will be done with a summary of the consultation responses so that all stakeholders understand that the net positive plan will be enacted. A celebration about becoming a net positive organisation will be created around this for staff. Around this we will create a celebration for staff about becoming a net positive organisation.

How can my organisation be net positive for nature and climate?

To be net positive for climate, you need to have a costed plan to halve your Scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions by 2030, be at net zero by 2040, and be net positive by between 2040-2050.

To be net positive for nature, you need to halve your impact on nature by 2030, have a net zero impact on nature by 2040, and be net positive for nature between 2040-2050.

Why work with Better Century?

  • Inclusive planning. We believe those who are closest to the work will make the best decision on how to adapt the organisation to be net positive. Their input is vital.
  • Thoughtful engagement. We believe to make a plan work we need buy-in. We will work with your team carefully to ensure they are properly supported.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced. We understand most of the schemes which business operate to. From environmental management systems through to reporting on ESG, we bring this knowledge to the party when creating a plan everyone can buy into.

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