Funding Net Positive Transition

Transitional Capital for Net Positive

Achieving net positive will result in your organisation being more attractive to customers and staff, and will result in reduction of costs, as fewer resources will be used to deliver your product or service. We help create business cases for net positive transition and are specialists in accessing funding.

The strategy for your business to raise money for net positive can be an opportunity for PR. Through crowdfunding campaigns, it can be used to refine your business plan to get institutional or private capital, and, of course, government funding should always be accessed. We help design your transitional plan and then help you access the funding through these multiple sources by creating a fundraising strategy to raise your transitional capital.

How we work

Our team can cover every facet of the financial case to the fundraise, or we can simply provide advice. Here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Create the financial case: Our knowledge of the returns of technology or nature based solutions to climate change, alongside the subsidy framework, will allow for our first take of the financial case to be of real benefit to the team. We then work with your team to integrate the other business benefits into the financial case.
  2. Fundraising strategy: We are a knowledgeable partner that knows the availability of transitional capital from various banks and other institutions, the subsidies available from government, and we have experience with public fundraising campaigns for transition. Our support in creating a robust fundraising strategy shortcuts research and failed approaches.
  3. Fundraising delivery: We can make all the relevant approaches on behalf of your business. Entrust us to deliver over a period of time, so your team doesn’t need to be diverted away from other core business priorities.

Why work with Better Century?

  • Knowledge. We have a brilliant knowledge of actors that facilitate transitional capital, as well as the solutions to becoming net positive. It makes sense to tap into that knowledge when planning financial transition.
  • Fundraising expertise. For years our consultants have been raising money. We know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Ability to sell net positive. You need passionate advocates raising money for you. We provide that in spades when raising money for our clients.

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