Net Positive Policy

Writing your organisation net positive policy

We write net positive policies for nature and climate that stand up to scrutiny and deliver upon their ambitions. Firstly, we understand organisational impact, and create a policy that reflects how that impact will be addressed.

Included in the policy are material targets for the organisation to achieve alongside robust reporting mechanisms. The policy will aim to give all business stakeholders solid ground to work from and can either be done prior to setting a plan or after.

The steps we will take to create your net positive policy will be as follows:

  1. Engage internal stakeholders about importance of policy by holding a meeting with all key personnel about what net positive means and how it will affect their function. Through this, we will ask probing questions about the functionality of the business to support change, enabling us to better write the policy to meet the needs of the business.
  2. Draft policy. We will consider overlaps with existing policies, and then construct a policy that reflects the needs of the business, whilst responding to how to decrease baseline impacts.
  3. Policy consultation. We will, once again, bring together the internal stakeholders to discuss the policy, so people may ask questions about the approach taken. We will then provide a questionnaire after this engagement for all staff to respond to, addressing the operational impact of implementing the policy. We will compile the outcome of the consultation and then redraft the policy.
  4. Policy implementation. We will write a final policy for team approval and then publish it with an internal memo. The policy will then be in action.

How can my organisation be net positive for nature and climate?

To be net positive for climate, you need to have a costed plan to halve your Scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions by 2030, be at net zero by 2040, and be net positive by between 2040-2050.

To be net positive for nature, you need to halve your impact on nature by 2030, have a net zero impact on nature by 2040, and be net positive for nature between 2040-2050.

Why work with Better Century?

  • Collegiate approach. We believe in the nature of people. We shape policy by facilitating open discussion which allows your stakeholder to feel they have created the policy.
  • Experience and ambition. We are experienced in change management and are ambitious about what organisations can do.
  • Impartiality and integrity. We are a well known actor for change making integrity of data very important to us.

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