How to raise the money to #BuildBackBetter

Fundraising is successful with clear messaging and confident asking.  It is about belief in your organisation, your values, your ability to deliver, but above all your donors willingness to connect with your mission.

To #BuildBackBetter charities need to restore their belief in what they can achieve, and now be prepared to go out and deliver big fundraising campaigns that can make a massive difference.  

2021 is going to be about restoring hope in the future.  Charities make that happen by giving a funnel by which people and organisations can make that happen, through an act of giving.

If you agree that this is the year you want to turn it around, here’s how we can help.

Strategic advice

Deciding on what the next campaign should be or the level of ambition, can be difficult.  Or you may simply have a great idea in mind but just don’t know how to deliver it.  We give strategic support for organisations in this place. 

Fundraising messaging

Need to condense your message into something wonderfully attractive to inspire belief?  We help distil thinking into something which your audience and everyone internally can get behind.  Get this right and you’ll raise the money if you ask enough.

Structured asking

A wonderful idea doesn’t get funded because it is inspirational.  It gets the money because the right people are asked in the right way.  We’ll write fundraising applications for you, will coach major donor fundraisers, and will create mass giving mechanisms to deliver million-pound campaigns.  Get us involved and worry not about hitting your target.

Our consultants have tripled income for organisations, have run million pound fundraising campaigns and support some of the best funding approaches to corporates, trusts, grants and individual major donors.  

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