#1EcoResource #EcoChallenge

Today we have launched the #1EcoResource, so you can save on money and environmental impact during lockdown!  Learn how to reduce your bills through energy efficiency measures, how to eat in a planet-friendly way or make more stable ethical investments.

On visiting our website you will not only get advice but will also receive recommendations of suppliers who can help you.  This resource is unparalleled online as it has been created from over 5,000 posts shared by our expert community of over 10,000 users.

We are truly proud to share this with you today and invite you to have a look.  And if you think you can make it better – then there’s a way for you to do that too!  

If you share ways to improve our website and what you share gains five likes, then you will receive £50 to spend with any recommended supplier or charity we have listed.

So take up our #EcoChallenge!

Step 1 – Explore the site

Look at any of the pages on our website. Start at the home page and then explore Better Homes and Buildings, Better Living, Better Transport, Better Money, Better Places.

Step 2 – Find something you want to add to a page

Whilst exploring the pages under Better Homes, Better Living, Better Transport, Better Money, Better Places you may discover you have something to add! At the bottom of the page you can click to make a recommended change to the site. On the right hand site you can click to offer an additional recommendations.

Step 3 – Join the community and provide your improvement

You’ll be prompted to do this when you attempt to reply to page text or when you want to provide a recommendation on the community site. Signing up is straight forward. If you’re having any trouble simply click ‘login’ on a mobile or ‘sign up’ on a desktop when you’re on the community site

Step 4 – Get the likes

Encourage your friends and family to join the community and give you likes or get the community to do that as well by starting another topic and pointing the community to your recommendation or by going up the trust levels of the community quickly and then PMing people.

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