Communicating Net Positive

Communicating Net Positive

To be net positive, your staff, supply chain and customers need to engage. You may want to go even further and ask them to join the company in becoming net positive. We have a solution for that as well through the NetPositiveLifeApp.

We do this by creating communications assets and a plan. Then we can even support you in communicating net positive, although we encourage our clients to do this themselves.

Our plans are tailored to your organisation, as sometimes it is wise to simply make changes and not communicate them externally, to ensure focus on the internal change. Navigating this is tricky.

Where we can help you

  1. Accreditation assets, including certificates and badges, for you to put onto your reports and website. With this, we will provide a robust explanation of how you’ve achieved the standard with background evidence to support claims.
  2. Communications plans, to engage your internal and external audiences.
  3. Communication content to promote your decisions and activities.
  4. PR support to ensure publication of your commitments in target magazines or through engagement events.
  5. Competition applications, to showcase your commitment to being net positive.
  6. Annual report support, including ESG or Sustainability reporting, or simply adding information about net positive commitments.

Why work with Better Century?

  • Net positive expertise. We are the only agency supporting the delivery of net positive, as we believe this is the narrative that should be used. We embrace this concept and will therefore be the best delivery agent to communicate your organisation’s net positive commitments.
  • Experienced and capable communicators. Our team is positive and enlightened in how communications need to be relayed. The plans and support we provide are conscientious.
  • Collegiate approach. We want to empower your team to do this themselves so net positive isn’t something external; it’s what you live and breath. We help you learn to do the work yourself by making decisions together.

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