Baseline Assessment & Monitoring

Carbon and Nature Impact Assessment

To know where you are going you need to understand your starting point. To conduct a baseline assessment of your organisational carbon and nature impacts we will take the following steps with your team:

  1. Interview directors or department heads to understand organisation function so we may determine direct, indirect and your supply chain impacts on nature and climate. We will seek to understand what the limitations are in the collection of data for a carbon and nature impact assessment.
  2. Provide a tailored carbon and nature assessment tool that will allow your business to fill in numbers about your impact, with this automatically providing a baseline assessment of impact. We will provide training on the use of this tool and work with all stakeholders to ensure the data is compiled correctly.
  3. Audit your carbon and nature impact by reviewing works done to conduct your baseline assessment, posing questions against the data. This will then result in the creation of an audited baseline assessment.

Ongoing monitoring

Every year we will create a cycle of assessing your impact on nature and climate. This will inform your engagement with stakeholders and ensure you are delivering upon your commitments.

Why work with Better Century?

  • Impartiality and integrity. Being a well known actor for change, makes integrity of data very important to us.
  • Good public relations. Our presence in working with individuals and organisations, makes working with us an excellent way of improving public relations.
  • Meeting standards. Our team is fully trained to support the achievement of ISO and BS environmental management system standard. We can also support B-Corps and other ESG measures required by businesses.

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