Net Positive Buildings

Every business has an impact on nature and climate, by accommodating its staff, machinery, facilities or services. These buildings can be energy intense, making them financially demanding. We help businesses radically cut bills by procuring renewable energy solutions and embedding nature, so buildings can be net positive.

Our approach is to provide insight into the cost of these measures and the savings achieved from implementing them, providing a solid business case. Once you allocate budget we will procure the solutions on your business’s behalf.

Having our support has the fundamental benefit of having knowledgeable procurement experts obtain the best possible solutions for our clients giving the following outcomes:

  • Installing the right solutions. If you approach contractors directly they will always give you reasons to install their technology first. However, there are different types of technology according to manufacturers. We will use our insight, experience and knowledge to ensure you install the right solution in the correct order.
  • Paying a fair cost. There are limited numbers of contractors available for many of these solutions. This results in varying business models often leading to inflated costs and sometimes poor service. We understand the costs to manufacture and install these solutions, as well as the appropriate margins. We therefore protect our clients through effective tendering and negotiation.
  • Accurate cost savings: Your business depends upon the solutions delivering cost savings. We use our experience of post installation monitoring of running costs to provide our clients with accurate cost savings, which can be built into your business model.

We have supported the procurement and delivery of the following measures for our clients;

  • Energy efficiency solutions: Lighting, power management and heat retention, through insulation, draft-proofing and mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems.
  • Microgeneration of energy: Renewables on site including wind turbines and solar PV.
  • Renewable heating: Non-fossil fuel powered heating through heat pumps, solar thermal heating and electrical space heating solutions.
  • Energy storage: Using low cost power drawn at the right time of the day, or storing your own produced energy, can be a game-change. We procure battery storage, and other more creative solutions.
  • Nature in the workplace: Green walls, green roofs, internal plants, wildflower verges and planting of trees, can help improve the visual aspect of your building as well as creating an inspiring space for your team to work.
  • Procurement of 100% renewable energy: We can negotiate purchase power agreements or find retail energy suppliers for the business we work with, to ensure they get the best cost.

Our Approach

  1. Free consultation and site visit to understand your challenge.
  2. Proposal for support which includes indicative costs for installing measure, and initial business case for implementing.
  3. Specification of works agree with you our client.
  4. Tender for contractors with summary of recommendations for clients to choose services.
  5. Project Manage delivery of works to ensure an excellent product is installed and internal disruption in minimised.
  6. Review effectiveness of installation and provide ongoing support.

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