Biodiversity and Carbon Credits

Biodiversity and Carbon Credits

Better Century works with farms, conversation specialists and carbon/biodiversity accreditation agencies to create biodiversity and carbon credits making us the perfect partner for procuring such credits.

We also work with NGOs to communicate the use of nature based solutions to climate change, and are deeply engaged in the debate about how to ensure high quality credits or insets are used to offset impacts. We therefore ensure that your choice of a solution to offset impact is well researched and communicated.

The reality is that organisations either need to get very connected with the source of their carbon and biodiversity credits, or they need to buy assets that improve nature with robust accreditation to ensure their declarations of net zero, carbon neutral or net positive have integrity. For many organisations this is a minefield.

To be net positive, you will need to purchase biodiversity and carbon credits. We help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Purchase of high integrity credits. The carbon or biodiversity credits we source for you enable you to be proud of your decision.
  • Exposure to the impact of inset of offset. We will bring your team closer to the impact of their decision, by providing you with the tools to communicate how you are achieving net positive.

Our Approach

  1. Free consultation to discuss what you’re looking for and how we could help you.
  2. Product search to find the right inset or offset solution for your business.
  3. Due diligence on the short list of inset or offset solutions chosen by your business.
  4. Purchase of credits through negotiating with providers.
  5. Advice on communications through report delivery on the provider, with key messages to convey the impact of your decision.

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