Better Challenges

Our community finds ways for people to feel less isolated on their journey towards living sustainably. We provide a series of challenges that create a collective sense of purpose to a tangible outcome.

Our community members have launched a number of Better Century challenges. They are based on research to show that if done on scale, a sea change could be achieved.

Plastic waste is rightly high up the environmental agenda for many. For years we have been misled that recycling is the answer, and now we know the truth. We have to reduce our consumption.

Our Plastic Waste Challenge is here to help you get started and make a positive change.

In ten years, we also need to halve global carbon emissions. Many don’t know what that means. In the UK it means 2.5 tonnes of carbon per person. 

Join our Low Carbon Transport Challenge. Plan your reduction and get support from like-minded people.

Start your own challenge today: All Better Century Challenges.

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