Better Century Partner with Naturesave Insurance

Better Century is excited to announce a new partnership with Naturesave Insurance. 

Naturesave is an ethical insurer providing personal and business insurance to the UK market. Naturesave are committed to building a sustainable future, a commitment reflected in the Naturesave Trust – their subsidiary charity which provides grant funding for sustainable projects. The new partnership seeks to support Naturesave customers to live more sustainably and support Better Century users with insights into the ethical options available when taking out insurance.

Founder and CEO, Matthew Criddle said: “We are very excited to be part of the Better Century network. Our customers are always looking for ways they can reduce their environmental impact – I hope they will be inspired by the stories and information on Better Century”

Better Century Founder and Director, Tom Beckett, said: “It’s fantastic to have Naturesave onboard with Better Century. The services they provide and how they give back to environmental causes are truly innovative. We look forward to sharing expertise with them and supporting their community to make better decisions .”

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More about partnering with Better Century

This partnership is one of many as Better Century grows its network. We are tackling critical issues for ordinary people who want to live sustainably by ensuring they are getting easy to access information as well as ready opportunities to make a difference.  By bringing together the communities of hundreds of organisations who are already providing parts of the solution we can create an unparalleled network of changemakers that can tackle the climate and ecological crisis.

To learn more about partnering with Better Century please see our partnership page.

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