Better Century Announces Partnership with Green Building store

Better Century are pleased to announce a new partnership with Green Building Store. Green Building Store is a specialist supplier of energy efficient products for retrofitting or building. 

Better Century Founder and Director, Tom Beckett, commented: “We are thrilled to have Green Building store as a partner. Their expert products and services are exactly what our community are looking for when undergoing energy saving works at home or work. We can’t wait to collaborate further with them and welcome their customers to the Better Century community.”

The partnership aims to join together the two organisations communities so they can share their knowledge and support one another to be more environmentally conscientious. 

Green Building Store Director, Chris Herring, said: “Partnering with Better Century offers an additional service and information source for our customers. Better Century is trying something innovative and we hope our customers take advantage of their community and resources.”

To join the Better Century community click here.

More about partnering with Better Century

This partnership is one of many as Better Century grows its network. We are tackling critical issues for ordinary people who want to live sustainably by ensuring they are getting easy to access information as well as ready opportunities to make a difference.  By bringing together the communities of hundreds of organisations who are already providing parts of the solution we can create an unparalleled network of change makers that can tackle the climate and ecological crisis.
To learn more about partnering with Better Century please see our partnership page.

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