Better Century announces partnership with EcoBeagle

Better Century are pleased to announce their latest partnership with ethical online shop, EcoBeagle.  EcoBeagle sniffs out and supplies a wide range of ethically sourced, manufactured and package products – from sunscreen to reusable teabags. Their partnership intends to support the Better Century community with more options when shopping ethically.

Better Century Founder and Director, Tom Beckett said: “Finding truly sustainable products is becoming more of a challenge in a time where there are more and more options and every company is claiming an eco status. EcoBeagle’s experience finding truly ethical products is so valuable. We look forward to having their customers and voice as part of the Better Century community”

The partnership intends to join the two organisations communities and encourage knowledge sharing between individuals on how to live more sustainably. 

EcoBeagle founder, Tracey Rawling Church, Commented: “I really hope our customers utilise the resources available on Better Century and share their experiences of EcoBeagle sources products. There are so many fantastic companies, products and ideas out there, we are excited to be part of a network pulling them all together.” 

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More about partnering with Better Century

This partnership is one of many as Better Century grows its network. We are tackling critical issues for ordinary people who want to live sustainably by ensuring they are getting easy to access information as well as ready opportunities to make a difference.  By bringing together the communities of hundreds of organisations who are already providing parts of the solution we can create an unparalleled network of changemakers that can tackle the climate and ecological crisis.

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