Better Century announces partnership with Earthborn

Better Century, the online community that is connecting people, ideas, and technology to drive a sustainable future, today announced an exciting new partnership with Earthborn. Earthborn is a company, founded in 2002 which is dedicated to producing odourless, harmful pollutant-free, environmentally-friendly paints.

Managing Director of Earthborn, John Dison said: “Earthborn is committed to providing products that offer people a healthier and more environmentally friendly option when decorating. I am excited to connect with Better Century and share our products with this community. I’m also hoping our customers will find more greener solutions through linking with the Better Century community.”

Better Century Founder and Director Tom Beckett said: “Earthborn is one of those companies that stand above the others in their sector, demonstrating that sustainable products exist and can be successful. We’re so glad they are joining the Better Century community and I am looking forward to working together as our partnership progresses.”

This partnership is one of many as Better Century strives to create a community of global change-makers. Better Century aims to be the one-stop-shop for people looking to find solutions to living ‘better’, in harmony with the world, and partner organisations will gain access to a growing audience if they sign up. 

As a community-driven organisation, recommendations for potential partners are made by members, if approved by the community, organisations are invited to partner with Better Century. To learn more about partnering please see our pages on partnerships.

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