Lift Sharing & Its Benefits

Regular commutes can often be shared – by lift sharing we can work together between families to get our children safely to school – saving on traffic, air pollution and parking spaces.  

Sharing of vehicles results in only a very small increase in fuel costs for the driver or owner, whilst offering a means to dramatically cut carbon emissions from single-occupancy vehicles.  Everyone wins – your wallet and the environment!

You can also save money if you’re travelling long distances by joining someone on their journey.  The environmental impact is therefore shared, making yours and the driver’s impact equivalent to taking a bus, so this is a win-win all-round!

As communities begin to share vehicles through car clubs and hire schemes, lift sharing will become more and more possible.  A street may invest in a large electric vehicle which can transport many, allowing for this to become the school bus or regular transport for commuters going to a particular town.

Lift sharing is an important part of creating a Better Century, so much so that there are numerous recommendations from our community about how you can do this with ease by using various digital tools.

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