Sustainable Fashion: Clothes, Footwear & Accessories

We all have our favourite items of clothing. Imagine if our wardrobe was just composed of these special items which we want to wear over and over again?  When we need something special, through sustainable fashion we can just hire it! Or update our incredible wardrobe by just swapping an item for something different!

Our desire for fast fashion is resulting in our wardrobes are getting filled by items that get used under ten times.  This costs us an incredible amount and gives us only short-term satisfaction. Here you will learn how sustainable fashion results in better selection of clothing and shoes, allowing for you to present yourself with pride and distinction.

Sustainable clothes

Clothes have incredible demands on the environment. To make a pair of jeans over 7,000 litres of water is needed to grow cotton and process it, whilst 23kg of carbon dioxide is produced (equivalent to a flight from London to Paris). This impact is replicated across the numerous items bought unless clothes are made from synthetic fibres.  These items cost less to make but affect the environment when they are disposed of or are washed.  Synthetic fibres such as nylon are estimated to have released a third of all the microplastics in the ocean, which are persistent and affect marine life.

To reduce environmental impacts, we have the following top tips:

  • Be more selective.  Buy clothing from ethical brands which pride themselves on sustainable production and long-lasting clothing. It may cost a bit more, but it’s likely that you’ll love it better!
  • Swap clothing up.  When you’re tired of clothing, you can swap it through numerous websites or even through the local charity shop. You’ll find some great items which will cost less and last longer.
  • Lease specialist clothing. A necessity of life can be that amazing party dress. Check out the options for leasing these, there are many available. You can look amazing whilst saving on your money and your conscience!


Sustainable footwear

The most commonly bought footwear are trainers. They’re mostly made out of plastic with a small amount of rubber, and are often created in less developed countries where environmental and labour standards are low. An average pair of trainers will result in 7kg of carbon dioxide being emitted to the environment and they will inevitably end up either in landfill or an incinerator.

Footwear is less of an issue than other clothing items as we are more selective about shoes and use them more often. We do need a shift in the manufacturing of shoes so that they use recycled or ethically sourced long-lasting materials. This way we do not generate waste.

There are numerous recommendations from our community for suppliers which help us achieve sustainable fashion in this way. We all spend quite a lot on shoes, so why not spend money on a pair that last and are cool because they are made from ethically sourced materials!

Bags and accessories

There is an increasing number of amazing bags and accessories made from recycled materials. There are also a great number of options to buy second use these fashion items. Check out our recommendations!

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Community referrals

Bamboo Clothing clothing products
Beaumont Organichttps://www.beaumontorganic.comBeaumont Organic creates contemporary, conscious clothing for the modern women.
Beyond Skin in 2001, Beyond Skin was founded with the clear objective of offering luxury vegan footwear that encompassed individuality, authenticity and sustainability. Won numerous awards including The Observer Ethical Award, Grazia award, RSPCA, PETA and Drapers.
Blackspot The Unswoosher shoes
Brothers We Stand sustainable clothing brand
Ethetic shoes
Finisterre clothing supplier
Gather & See is an award-winning online ethical fashion retailer. Launched in 2014 by Alicia Taylor and Stephanie Hogg, Gather&See offers a curated selection of cutting edge sustainable fashion labels to a fashion savvy, ethically minded customer.
Girl Meets Dress clothes facility
Hirestreet Limited for hire to women for all occasions
Komodo for Men and Women. Komodo have been committed to creating eco-friendly fashion since 1988. Using premium quality organic, natural and eco fibres and breaking new ground with innovative fabrics such as green PU coating and recycled PET, from plastic bottles. Most of our products are vegan and all are cruelty free. We are in the process of reducing single use plastic in our supply chain to zero. Komodo is GOTS certified and a member of the soil association.
Luva Huva Committed to using local suppliers and producers, as well as remnants, vintage and end of line fabrics and trims
My Wardrobe HQ clothes
Outsider womens fashion and beauty products
Palava Clothing womens & children fashion products
Patatam hand clothing site
People Tree womens fashion products: A pioneer in sustainable Fair Trade fashion. The first fashion range to meet the Global Organic Textile Standard certified by the Soil Association and were the first fashion company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation product label.
Po-zu Shoes
Rapanui organic clothing
Snag Tights Tights
The Edinburgh Remakery workshops and support in repairing clothes
The Frockery sale of pre-owned, vintage and retro clothing and accessories.
Thought Fashion Ltd fashion – clothes are meant to last, be mended and passed on. Use naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp, also using sustainable fabrics - tencel and modal. Founding partners of Common Objective (formerly known as MySource). It’s a not-for-profit network that champions ethical production.
Veja Shoes
Vinted of members listing, selling and buying second hand clothes
VivoBareFoot barefoot shoes
Will's Vegan Stores Carbon Neutral Product and Company. All products are registered with the Vegan Society and are embossed with their trademark. Award winning PETA Approved company.

If you have a referral of your own please share them on our community site. Start a new topic and list the supplier as well as a link to their website, and we’ll list them here.

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