Rewilding of Land

We are exploring the purchase of land through a company owned by shareholders who are interested in getting a small return on their investment, whilst having incredible social benefit.

It has been shown that decreased management of rewilded land and converted use of farm buildings, combined with subsidies, can actually result in 1-2% return on investment.  When tying in the ability to sell carbon offsets or other ecosystem services, such as flood mitigation or water cleaning, this figure can rise.

Betting on the rise in the value of ecosystem services and continued government support for environmental management of land is a fairly reasonable assumption.  Tied with individual or corporate interest in being associated with such a scheme, we believe could create the first rewilding investment proposition.

We are currently building a project team to make this vision a reality.  We need to find a very large piece of land whilst building up the model.

Interested in Financially Supporting?

We’d be pleased to speak to anyone interested in financially supporting this project.  Please email to arrange a conversation about this.

Think you can help?

If you believe you can help this project then please join the Better Century Community group here.  We need people who can help in the following ways or having specific experience:

  • Time to search for relevant sites and develop thinking for the proposition.
  • Experience of this type of project or just land management
  • Willingness or interest in helping manage a site like this.
  • Knowledge of calculating or measuring ecosystem services.

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