Retrofit to Zero Carbon Homes

The best thing anyone can do to tackle climate change is to make their home energy efficient, move to renewable heating and begin to generate and store their own electricity.  There are incredible financial benefits to making these choices which is why we are creating an investable proposition for the purchase, retrofit and rental of properties.

The government will be unable to meet its Climate Change Act obligations without the retrofit of homes. They represent over 17% of national carbon emissions, and there is incredible social pressure to tackle fuel poverty.

In combining energy savings, the use of selective energy providers, and government incentive schemes, there is a 6-12% return on investment, depending on the property.  It takes a very unique approach to deliver this investment work, but our team has found a way to establish an investment company and a management company to deliver zero carbon homes.

Interested in Financially Supporting?

We’d be pleased to speak to anyone interested in financially supporting this project.  Please email to arrange a conversation about this.

Think you can help?

If you believe you can help this project then please drop an email to let him know what skills and time you may be able to bring to this project.  We do have experience of buying, renting and selling properties and retrofitting, but would welcome to the team people who are registered through the FCA, or those who have direct experience in being in a property management company.

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