Community Recommendations

Our amazing community shares experiences, recommendations and information, which we share with others to save hours of research.  Whether you want to improve the impact of your home, lifestyle, money, transport or work place, we’ve got amazing recommendations to help you.

Here to you get all the tools you need to live in balance with the world.  Not from a source which has vested interests, but from ordinary individuals just like you.

Our list of recommendations is curated by our community.  Simply choose an area you are interested in below and you’ll be taken to page with information for your needs.

  • Homes

    Renewable Energy Supply, Energy Efficiency, Microgeneration of Energy, Heating Suppliers, Battery Storage

  • Living

    Children, Carbon Management, Fashion, Food, Health & Beauty, Leisure, Pets, Products, Information Services

  • Transport

    Car Sharing, Couriers, Electric Two Wheelers, Electric Vehicles, Rail, Taxi Services, Vehicle Hire

  • Money

    Banking, Divestment, Investments, Insurance, Mortages, Pensions and Savings

  • Work Places

    Car Charging, Carbon Management, Consultancy, Green Roofs & Walls, Heating Systems, Information Services, Insurance, Renewable Energy, Battery Storage, Energy Efficiency, Heating Systems, Stationary, Telecommunications, Vehicle Hire, Waste Management

  • Charity

    Climate Change, Conservation, Community Engagement, Divestment, Heritage, Equality, Fashion, Land Use, Renewable Energy, Transport, Waste