Launches of Web Resource for Sustainable Living

Better Century CIC ( has just launched the ultimate Web Resource for sustainable living.  From reducing your bills through energy efficiency measures at home to making different choices about food or garden management during lockdown, their new comprehensive guidance provides the answers – all in one place.

Based in Oxfordshire and set up as a Community Interest Company, Better Century is a Community-led platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and recommendations that help people to reduce their footprint, save money and improve their health and well-being. For the last nine months, they have been pulling together a community of experts, ordinary people and partners who have shared over 5,000 posts and recommended over 400 organisations providing support for people to live more sustainably.

Evidence shows that there are millions out there who want to lower their impact. Better Century believes that people haven’t been given the right encouragement or resource to make properly informed choices.  They now seek to fill this much needed void through guidance given on their website.

Covering the 5 categories of Better Homes, Better Living, Better Transport, Better Places and Better Money, this extensive resource explains through a positive narrative, why people might want to consider making a change, as well as how to do it.  By having all information curated by the community, Better Century aims to endear the trust of users alongside support from members, and become the trusted site for sustainable living – follow the conversation #1EcoResource

Officially launching today, the Founder and Director of Better Century, Tom Beckett, said ‘We hope to provide a ray of light into people’s lives during this difficult time.  Our new Web Resource is a game changer to help us work together to make a better future’

‘It helps people save on their bills, whilst offering means to cut other areas of expenditure.  For those with financial reserves there are also options for making investments at home or through ethical funds, that give excellent returns during this time of very low interest rates and financial insecurity.’

‘We aim to help people understand that living sustainably means making best use of our limited resources.  Now is the time to think how we together can make that happen whilst building a better future for the next generation.  Follow our launch campaign at #1EcoResource.’

In response to the climate and ecological crisis Better Century aims to encourage an eco-revolution whereby people make more informed choices, suppliers pick up increased business and not-for-profits receive more financial support.  Their business model is like mumsnet or, whereby money is generated by click throughs, but as a community interest company 65% of profits go to charities or community initiatives.


Notes for Editors

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Better Century, which launched in the Summer of 2019, is an online network of individuals and organisations, working together to build a greener future – a community led site for sharing knowledge, discussing experiences and giving recommendations that helps people to reduce their footprint, save money and improve their health and well-being.

It was set up by Tom Beckett – who has been involved in the environmental movement over the last 10 years – to help initiate a shift in culture.  He wanted to make environmentally minded decision making less isolating and confusing – somewhere for people to go, seek information, have open unbiased conversations about how to live more sustainably.

Better Century is a Community Interest Company (CIC).  A CIC is a type of company designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for public good.  Better Century is obliged to serve their community over the interests of their shareholders. A purpose beyond profit is embedded in their constitution. Any dividends declared must not exceed 35% of the distributable profits, the rest, by law, must go to charity or community initiatives.

Since launch, Better Century has had over 11,000 users, with 680 active members and 11 partners, and has already saved 237tCO2, 1ha of land and 735kg of waste from lifestyle changes per annum. 

For further details or questions, please contact Tom Beckett on 07989 593 074 or at

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