Electrification of Vehicles

Two-thirds of embedded carbon of electric vehicles is in the manufacturing of the chassis and other components.  Why, whilst we have some great old vehicles out there do we not simply retrofit them and sell them to compete on the second-hand electric vehicle market?

That’s what we’re investigating.  Is it possible to retrofit a previously ICE vehicle to be competitive?  If it is why don’t we start mass retrofitting cool old chassis and get more garages to offer this service?

We are working with a small garage in North Oxfordshire to explore this with the testing of vehicle retrofit and sale at a competitive prices.

Think you can help?

We’re not really looking to expand the team working on this project at the moment, but if you have a car you want to pay to have retrofitted or are looking to invest in a project of this type then please let tom@bettercentury.org know and he’ll arrange to have a chat about what we can do together.

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