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Better Century aims to make it easy for people who want to live sustainably to find suppliers who can help them.  There is an education in making new decisions and we aim to support suppliers with small marketing budgets by helping them find their customers and the customers find them.

All referrals we provide link back to discussions, which allow consumers to make educated choices and ask questions.  If a supplier is doing a great job, they will be rewarded by being listed.  If not, our community will help them improve.

We know that through open dialogue we will arrive at the truth about a product or service. This means we will only list suppliers who are recommended by our community.

How referrals are made

All products and services listed on our website have been recommended by members; either openly through the forum, or through a specialist group for partner recommendations (found here).  Our community has reviewed every organisation listed.

Going forward we will list referrals made through the community site by trusted members.  Where recommendations have been challenged we will aim to resolve any differences of opinion, but if there are very negative comments made about suppliers then we will be forced to take down certain recommendations.

We aim to make listed referrals more dynamic after we have moved through the beta testing of our website.  We will list suppliers who have been given more likes and mentions higher than others, and will also publish this information for the user.  The aim here is to make Better Century the trusted site for sustainable living.

Generating income from referrals

Better Century CIC will generate income from click-throughs to referrals.  We intend to do this from July 2020.   Once we have proven traffic to a supplier we will establish a contract through either an affiliate network or directly with a supplier.   Where we do not have an agreed contract we will create a pop up for the user clicking through to notify them that the listed supplier isn’t supporting Better Century and to remind them to help fund our work.

We will also provide advertising space to referred suppliers on our website to promote offers on particular pages, but not on our community site.  Our partners who are helping build our community are provided with some space for advertising through that platform once a month. This situation is a reciprocal relationship whereby they also advertise Better Century to their customer base, allowing for informed members to join our community.

Our amazing community shares experiences, recommendations and information, which we share with others to save them hours of research.  Whether you want to improve the impact of your home, lifestyle, money, transport or workplace, we’ve got amazing recommendations to help you.

Exploring community referrals

Here you can access information about every tool you need to live in balance with the world.  Not from a source which has vested interests, but from ordinary individuals just like you.  Our list of referrals is curated by our community.  Simply choose an area you are interested in below and you’ll be taken to a page with information to address your needs.

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