Better Century announces partnership with Tonik Energy

Better Century today announces an exciting new partnership with Tonik Energy.

Tonik Energy is a 100% renewable and green energy company which has members, not customers. And by putting these members in control of how their energy is generated, stored and ultimately used, bills not only become cheaper, but people are more involved in shaping their own clean energy future.

Founder of Tonik Energy, Chris Russell said: “We’re excited by the prospect of sharing our innovative business model with the Better Century community and showcasing that there is a better way out there to promote green energy use, which is straightforward and can save on bills.”

Better Century Founder and Director Tom Beckett said: “Tonik Energy is such a great partner. With over 130,000 members, we can bring a raft of other sustainable products and services to people that are already switched on to a greener future. We delighted that Tonik is joining us.”

This partnership is one of many as Better Century strives to create a community of global change-makers. Better Century aims to be the one-stop-shop for people looking to find solutions to living ‘better’, in harmony with the world, and partner organisations will gain access to a growing audience if they sign up. 

As a community-driven organisation, recommendations for potential partners are made by members, if approved by the community, organisations are invited to partner with Better Century. To learn more about partnering please see our pages on partnerships.

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