Ethical money can secure a better future for the next generation, all whilst we receive excellent returns.  Learn how ethical investments, pension divestment, insurance, banking and borrowing can be made to your own and the Earth’s benefit.

A transformation in attitudes and investments could see us collectively creating a future we can all be proud of – where money is invested in planet-friendly technology and practices. There are over 35% of global carbon emissions that are not within the direct control of the household or consumer.  Many companies survive through changes in the value of stocks and shares, creating a fluid market that often maintains the status quo and restricts progress towards a low impact future.  These established practices demand for short term rewards alongside low-risk investments, something which is proven to restrict innovation.

The impact on the environment of taking out insurance, banking, paying into a pension fund or investing is often underestimated.  The trillions of dollars that can be influenced by people making different choices, and demanding more, can have considerable impact.  Often the risk involved in these ‘green’ ethical investment initiatives is overplayed, as many outperform their traditional equivalents and are much more resilient to economic downturns.

Here you will learn how ethical money can make you better returns, as well as a considerable difference to our collective future.  From the pension fund you pay into, through to how you are insured – you will gain advice on how you can influence and make more positive choices.

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